The Turbo 26 is deigned to clean small to medium size circulating projects. Whether you are cleaning a small heat exchanger or a larger plate and frame the Turbo 26 has been design and built to meet the task. With a dual set of gauges with Gauge Guards (prevents gauge damage from chemicals) and an on-board by-pass so you can zero in on the cleaning progress.

The Turbo 26 when used with a descaling chemical will safely and quickly dissolve mineral deposits of all types such as calcium, limescale, water scale, and iron.

What descaling chemical should I use?
Our equipment can safely be used with your existing chemical, provided you make sure that the chemical will not have an impact on equipment components (please call with any questions). All of Wheelhouse Industries chemicals have been formulated with this in mind and will not have an impact on our equipment. 

Wheelhouse Industries offers a wide range of chemicals to meet your specific needs. We let corrosion rates and component materials being cleaned dictate what chemical is best suited for you application. We will not base our recommendation based on price or tell you that one chemical is suitable for all metals.

Turbo Cart 26
  • Leeson Duck motor ½ hp, 115/230V 60 Hx motor – ALSO available in an air version
  • Thompson 3450 rpm magnetic drive pump
  • On board by-pass allows flow rates of 1 – 26 gpm.
  • 15-gallon on board tank
  • 2 – 15’ inlet and outlet reinforced chemical hoses
  • 8’ reinforced chemical suction hose
  • 25’ GFCI power cord
  • On/Off indicator light
  • In-Line True Union ball valves
  • 2 in-line gauges to monitor cleaning progress
  • Large 3” access on drum for filling, venting, and cleaning
  • All stainless-steel cart with Delran base
  • Cart is designed to straddle a ladder for ease of hoisting where needed.
  • 10” X-large Pneumatic tires
  • Industrial Descaling Applications
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Boilers
  • Plate and frame Heat Exchangers
  • Chillers/Absorbers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Small Condensers
  • Vacuum Pumps
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