Descaling Solutions based on decades of experience 

The founder of Wheelhouse Industries developed our product line based on decades of experience in the descaling industry. Our heat exchanger and condenser chemical cleaning products offer the lowest corrosion and most efficient green solutions available for safe and cost-effective performance to clean heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, chillers, and water tanks. Our descaling solutions line includes:

Organic Descaling

Quantum Organic Descaler is a 100% organic, non-toxic, truly biodegradable descaling solution that simply breaks the bonds for an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Learn more on the Quantum page.

SEASCOUR Marine Scale Descaler contains no inorganic acids and is a very efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution to descale marine heat exchangers, engine water jackets, water distilling units and ancillary equipment. Learn more on the SEASCOUR page.

Chemical Descaling

Turbo AL offers the safest approach to descale aluminum applications, as well as plastic injection and blow molding machines. Learn more on the Turbo AL page.

Turbo FM is ideal for ferrous metals and can safely clean Copper, Brass,Nickel, Titanium, Bronze, Iron, Steel, PVC, Plastic, and other metals. Learn more on the Turbo FM page.

Turbo SS descales stainless steel alloys without pitting or tarnishing. Learn more on the Turbo SS page.

Classic Descaler citric based solution dissolves twice the calcite (calcium carbonate). Learn more on the Classic Descaler page.

Nex-Gen Descaler is the least corrosive solution available to safely clean equipment without having to fully disassemble/dismantle the equipment. Learn more on the Nex-Gen Descaler page.

Powerhouse Descaler contains a proprietary blend of descaling accelerators, corrosion inhibitors and lets you clean specific equipment while in operation. Learn more on the Powerhouse Descaler page.

Descaling Equipment

Electric Turbo Cart 26 cleans small to medium-sized circulating projectwith a descaling chemical. Learn more on the Turbo Cart 26 page.

The pneumatic Turbo Cart 26A cleans small Hx or large plate projects with a descaling chemical. Learn more on the Turbo Cart 26A page.

The electric Turbo Cart 96 is cleans large circulating projects with the option of electric power. Learn more on the Turbo Cart 96 page.

Turbo Cart 96A is air powered and designed where higher flow rates are needed. Learn more on the Turbo Cart 96A Page.

The Turbo Jr cleans small to medium size circulating projects. Learn more on the Turbo Jr page.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our descaling solutions. 

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