The portable pneumatic tube cleaners use hollow shafting of different diameters as per tube I.D. to be cleaned which can be coupled together to form lengths as per the length of the tube to be cleaned. Water flows through the hollow tube and washes out deposits that are dislodged by the cleaning tools attached to the driven shafts. Typical cleaning tools used are carbide drills for severely clogged tubes, brushes for light deposits and buffing tools for final polishing of tubes. The water flow is independently controlled allowing the user to determine how much water is needed in the application.


Hollow Drive Shaft – 4ft. (1.2m) long aircraft quality steel shafts to connect to drive.

Hollow Driven Shaft – 4ft. (1.2m) long aircraft quality steel shafts to connect to driven shafts. Order quantities based on length of tube to be cleaned.

Drive Coupling – To couple hollow drive shaft to drive.

Shaft Coupling – To couple 2 hollow shafts together.

Starter Drill – To make pilot holes in deposits of completely clogged tubes.

Cleaning Tools

Nylon Brushes

Brass Brushes

Stainless Brushes

Buffing Tools

Carbide Drills

Cleaning Kits

Build your own kit by adding price of Drive (TPG-10 or TPG-10X), Hollow Drive Shafts, Hollow Driven Shafts, Shaft Couplings, Drive Couplings based on length of tube to be cleaned and cleaning tools (Brushes, Carbide Drills, Buffing Tools).

We will supply all the above in a handy box at no extra charge! The box will accommodate a maximum of 1 Drive + 4 Hollow Shafts + 5 Couplings + 18 Cleaning Tools (Brushes, Carbide Drills, Buffing Tools).

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