Effective, Safe, and Green Industrial Descaling

and Heat Exchanger Cleaning & Sanitizing Solutions

From Large Industrial Heat Exchanger Cleaning to Air Sanitizers – We Keep the Workplace Safer & Healthier

Wheelhouse Industries’ exceptional products are a result of decades of industry experience. Our founder has over 25 years in the heat exchanger and heat transfer industry. He has developed several products to assist in the day-to-day challenges of cleaning heat exchangers and condensers that focused on increasing productivity and improving results, while maintaining the strictest of safety protocols. The expertise he brings to our heat exchanger cleaning equipment and air sanitizers to provide the leading products in the industry. When designing our products, we focus on:

• Environmentally safe products

• Minimizing manpower

• Lowering exposure of risks to accidents

• Faster turn-around times

• Less waste

Mechanical & Chemical Cleaning for Heat Exchangers & Condensers

The founder of Wheelhouse Industries has been part of the development of several products to meet the challenges of cleaning heat exchangers and condensers. That expertise has been brought to Wheelhouse’s industrial descaling, heat exchanger cleaning equipment, and products.

When it comes to cleaning heat exchangers and condensers there are a wide range of options. The inside of a tube can become fouled with sludge, biological growth, mussels, twigs, thin scale, or thick hardened scale. Selecting the best method is easy with Wheelhouse. Choose from one of our descaling chemicals for scale deposits or the mechanical cleaning approach for lighter deposits. Our heat exchanger and condenser chemical cleaning products are designed and formulated to offer the lowest corrosion and most efficient green solutions available for safe and cost-effective performance.

Air Sanitizers & Disinfectants to Keep Your Work Environment Healthy

A sanitized workplace contributes to employees’ well-being, reduces sick time, increases productivity, and helps remain in compliance of health regulations. Wheelhouse products disinfect, sanitize, and kill COVID-19, along with several other viruses and bacteria. Our innovative air purification and sanitizing products offer a wide range of features to disinfect multiple areas throughout your business.

Products Built on Quality and Accountability

Wheelhouse Industries is a family-owned business committed to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices. That commitment to excellence drives us. We know firsthand that great products don’t just happen overnight, and we fine-tune our products according to emerging and ever-evolving industry needs. For example, we modified the Rapid Mist 1400 to address the growing need for sanitizing and disinfecting during the COVID-19 pandemic. When combined with a reliable sanitizing/disinfecting agent, such as QuatSan, the Rapid Mist 1400 provides peace of mind both during the pandemic and after. 

We are confident that each of the products in our line will meet and exceed expectations. We understand that the quality of our product is critical to the safety and performance of your business. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our chemical, mechanical or sanitizing products.

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