WET Application – Nylon Casing
DRY Application – Steel Casing
Shaft Repair Couplings

The life of flexible shafts can be extended by proper use and maintenance. If a flexible shaft should break at either end it can be easily repaired by cutting off the end portion and using a shaft repair tool to attach a coupling onto the cut shaft.

Shaft Repair Tool for Flexible Shaft Repair

Allows users to quickly and safely attach couplings onto the shaft ensuring maximum useful life for the shaft.

Flexible Shaft Lubricator

Is used to lubricate flexible shafts for maximum useful life. They are also used to lubricate shafts prior to storage. the lubricator is filled with a water soluble lubricant that enters and lubricates the shaft when air supply is provided to the lubricator. The residue lubricant washes out with water when the shaft is used again.

Flexible Shaft Repair Kits

Flexible shaft repair kits include 4 drive end repair couplings, 4 tool end repair couplings, 1 shaft repair tool with punch, 1 flexible shaft lubricator, 2 bottles [8 ounce (0.25 liter) each] of lubricant for flexible shaft lubricator.

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